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Friday, November 12, 2010

Another Visit from Dr. Justin

Well, Rose has always had this eye scar, and it's gotten worse - oedema and tearing - so Dr. Justin was called in again.

Rose put up with lots of eye interference, and I was left with a bunch of pharmaceuticals to administer. It's probably not moon blindness, there's no ulcer or abrasion; it may be a fungal flare-up. Anyway, we covered all bases. One of the meds was atropine, which enlarges the pupils, and so the vet said to put a fly mask on Rose. I'm afraid to leave nature to take its course with an eye problem.

When I returned Rose to the field, everyone went goofy and tore around galloping. I do love the sound of galloping hoofs on the turf.

Later I went back to administer the evening doses, taking treats. Of course George knew something was in my pocket and followed. I was very firm, however. I did let him share, but I kept him at bay while dealing with Rose's eye and giving her treats. Rose was almost afraid to eat her treats in front of George, but she managed. I find it easier to be tough with George now that we have more of a connection. Like when I say, "Look here, you...", I'm actually addressing the "you" to him, rather than just trying to stave off an impersonal force of nature.

Rose is very sweet. I'm going to have to get my husband started riding her. 

p.s.  Of course she's already lost the face mask.

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