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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

More Rain

Twenty-four hours of rain, and the bigger horses are still dry underneath. Although I don't know what another twelve hours will do.




The rain had found its way all around Chloe's torso but had not managed to penetrate to her skin.

Those lighter areas are actually dry. Meanwhile my "waterproof" jacket was completely soaked, with the rain making inroads into the next layer underneath, and every time I bent over, water ran down inside my jeans.

I'm leaving the horses where they are for now as it's not that cold. I put their hay under the meagre canopy of some small leafless trees, on lower ground, so they could eat in relative shelter.

I wasn't looking forward to doctoring Rose in the fading light and the rain, but she let me catch her after only one or two tries. She took her banamine like a champ and visibly composed herself so I could administer the antibiotic ointment into her eye. She is a very dear creature.


  1. Sweet Rose! Do you think that she is accepting treatment better now that you are not wondering (or are you still?) what is necessary and what isn't? Olga is always reluctant when I am doing things that I am not 100% sure are ok or necessary!

  2. Yes, Jenny, I do think you might be right there. As long as I had to give her things which I wasn't sure were necessary, I was always holding in reserve, as it were, the possibility of just giving up if she fussed enough - why should I put her through it just because someone "said so"? Now that I'm more confident about what to administer, I'm going in with the attitude, "This is it, kid, don't worry about it."

    I'm not exactly wondering still. I'm not sure if this regime will completely heal the eye, but for now it seems reasonable.

    That's interesting that Olga picks up on when you are not sure about whether something is ok. Oh these clever horses - they know when we're unsure before we do!