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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Rose's Eye

Rose's eye was a little better after the vet's visit. Then it got a little worse, and now it's a little better again. The puffiness has gone down a bit, the tearing has stopped, and the area of cloudiness has shrunk slightly.

The owner of the tack shop recommended an herbal eye wipe solution, called Calm Eyes, so I added that to the arsenal. I thought Rose could benefit from something just soothing and cleansing.

Rose does not appreciate this barrage of interference: atropine, banamine, anti-fungal, anti-biotic, fly mask (required by the atropine and the anti-fungal) and now eye cleanser.

Ok, the atropine was only to be given for three days, so that's over. But that still leaves four or five steps to be gone through twice a day.

In the wild, a horse will instinctively seek out the appropriate healing plants and minerals. It doesn't dose itself with additional remedies just in case. I don't want to put Rose through any more discomfort and annoyance than is absolutely necessary. She is already becoming very reluctant to be caught.

Enter the pendulum. My view about the pendulum is that it works in the same way as the horse's natural instinct tells it what to eat - the horse's body receives information from the plant and decides whether or not it will be helpful. In the case of the pendulum, the person's body acts as a go-between, receiving information from the energy (or whatever word you want to use) of the substance and from the energy of the patient, and the pendulum swings one way or the other to indicate whether the substance is desirable.

So, obviously, I was hoping that the pendulum would say ixnay on everything except the nice all-natural easy-to-apply-without-making-Rose-upset eye wipe solution.

I was disappointed. It did have a negative reaction to the anti-fungal, but it was all gung-ho for the banamine (Rose hates banamine) and the antibiotic - as well as the herbal eye wipe. So since yesterday, that's what I'm doing. I don't really know how to break it to Dr. Justin that I'm discontinuing the anti-fungal because my pendulum says so. I think perhaps he doesn't need to know this.

Here is Rose's poor eye - photos taken at the behest of Dr. J, who is a very conscientious vet and asked me to send him pictures today when he called for an update. The line of moisture on her face is from rainwater running off her forehead, and not from her eye.

The sore eye is closed more than the other one.

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