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Monday, November 22, 2010

Homeopathic Pills

I'm waiting for Rose's equine eye homeopathic remedy to arrive, but in the meantime I'm giving her some homeopathic pills which are supposed to help with oedema (localized or general).

As they're sugar based she's quite willing to eat them. However, because of their tiny size, she usually ends up knocking most of them off my hand.

So I've been taking a large piece of apple or carrot, cutting out a plug, enlarging the bottom of the cavity, filling it with the pills, and then replacing the plug. The plug usually stays in pretty well, even in my pocket. I can then give the whole thing to Rose without spilling any pills.

All this treatment is not really helping so far. She's better than she was at her worst, but doesn't continue to improve. I'm also looking into an equine herbal uveitis treatment, which I'll try if the new homeopathic remedy fails to help. However, she's not light sensitive, which I believe argues against uveitis.


  1. That's a very nice plug. I do hope the treatment will help when it arrives. It is so worrying when there is something wrong.

  2. I have a friend who is a homoeopathic vet. She always says that for a remedy to work properly, you shouldn't eat or drink 20 minutes before and after the remedy. The best way to give a horse a remedy is to take a 2 ml syringe, dissolve the remedy in a bit of springwater and then use the syringe to insert the solution between the inside of the mouth and gums.

    I have treated Cassie for sweet itch this way and it worked so well that her sweet itch rug has spent most of the summer unused in my tackroom.

  3. Oh yes, I think maybe I remember reading that. Silly me. Anyway, it's all moot now, as I've been in touch with the folks at For Love of the Horse, who do Chinese herbal remedies (I think I first heard of them somewhere from someone's blog), and I'm getting a Uveitis remedy from them, as that's what they think it is, and an immune booster. Very expensive! But For Love of the Horse was recommended, and I don't want to mess with her eye. My oldest daughter and I have both benefited from Chinese herbs - my daughter's fibromyalgia went away - so I'm hoping for good things.