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Monday, November 29, 2010

Bright and Frosty

We woke up today to a hard frost, but the day was clear and still. Amazing how much warmer it feels when there's no wind and no moisture in the air, despite the lower temperature.

It was also the first day of rifle hunting season, which meant the dogs had to wear their orange.

The sun lulled the horses into a laid-back mood, and when I went into the field, Bridget was in a mood for socializing. I scratched her, she licked my ears, we played footsie, and she practiced pulling my zipper up and down.

George ambled over and dozed nearby.

He pricked up his ears when he heard a distant rifle shot, but remained otherwise motionless.

This behavior is part of the New George - he stays close by, relaxed, and doesn't come over to claim attention for himself. He came over today once, briefly, and then wandered off to find a pile of hay.

Amigo is visiting again. It's nice to have a lap dog.

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