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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Catching the Wave

I find myself a little .... thwarted, perhaps.  I'd like some action, I'd like to do something, to move forward a little.

Thus I felt today, while out on our grazing walk.  I'd caught a surge of energy from Bridget as we left the barn, and the two of us trotted for a short while before settling down to graze. I'd hoped for more. There seems to be a limit to my ability to enjoy watching other people consume tender green shoots, no matter how beautiful the day or how lovely the eater. So I said, "Hey, Bridget - let's go do something."  Well, she was up for it, and we traversed the scary, dark tractor barn to the magical land beyond ....

where another burst of energy carried us forward at a run.  Then after scoping out some horses on the other side of a fence, it was time to eat some more.

When I look at videos of Hempfling or Resnick or Nevzorov working, their horses seem to be bubbling over with that energy which at the moment is so elusive in my relationship with our horses. Experiencing a release of that force today, rather than satisfying me, has made me hungry for more, has made me see that it is the raw material of any "work" that is to be done, and without it, it feels like we're doddering about like old ladies. (Which, ahem, in my case, is a little too close to home.)

When it was time to go back to the barn, Bridget did not approve of leaving Chloe in the candy store,

and although she followed me, after a few steps she reached over and nipped my arm.  I'm getting better at not reacting to stuff like that - I just said, "No" and kept going. Chloe realized we'd left without her and came cantering along after us.

Today the sky was very fine.


  1. I think of it as a dance, and someone needs to start the dance. I hesitate to say the word "lead" because once initiated the dance can be mutual if that makes sense.

  2. Yes, that's a good way to think of it. Yesterday, Bridget started the dance by having the energy welling up, and I kind of seconded the motion, literally.