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Friday, April 9, 2010

Red Letter Day

Today was the first day ever that Chloe, of her own accord, decided that she would like to come out with me by herself, with no other horses accompanying us.

I had George and Bridget and Chloe in the barn paddock for a social hour.  After I'd put George and Bridget back into their pastures, Chloe said she wasn't ready to go back.  She's taught me that it's ok to put the rope loop around her neck if she doesn't turn away and if she touches my hand with her nose.  So I put the rope on, opened the gate, and she followed me  into the barn.  She didn't want to turn with me to close the gate, so I let her go, and she waited for me while I shut it.

We then proceeded cautiously out of the barn.  We got no more than a few feet outside, when Chloe decided we'd better go back in.  We checked out another horse's stall, had a drink, and then she lead me outside again.

We got as far as the shavings shed before Chloe took us back in.  Again, we visited another stall. Again, she headed out.

This time we made it about 50 yards, ate some clover and looked around.  All of sudden, Chloe said, "ok-that's-it-time-to-go-gotta-run," and lead me back at a fast clip through the barn and to the barn paddock gate.  I opened it, she very politely turned with me to close it, and I lead her across the paddock to her own pasture, where she agreed that she was now ready to be returned.
Chloe has taken me into the shavings shed

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