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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Evening Adventures

It was probably not the greatest idea.  My daughter and George went on a trail ride, with me tagging along behind, leading Bridget, and Chloe following in our wake.  Chloe kept losing sight of the other horses and then charging up behind us.  George didn't mind this too much, but then Chloe completely lost track of us and headed in the wrong direction.  At this point she whinnied and started sending panic vibes our way. So George got a little worried - after all, he hasn't been out on the trail that many times yet.  My daughter remained unruffled and kept him calm, while Chloe, on finding a lush patch of clover, soon decided that she didn't need us after all.  However, we decided we should probably head back and round up Chloe en route.

On the way, something spooked Bridget and she ran into me and stepped on my foot (thank you, steel-toed boots!).  I didn't react and get mad or push her off - instead I let out the leadrope and sortof projected a bubble around myself.  Her reaction was very interesting.  Where before she had been distracted by whatever spooked her, she suddenly became very focused on me, and moved around me in a very graceful, leaving-me-space kind of way, before we both moved forward again together.

It only took an instant, and we were soon back into our former pattern - with me being less focused, and Bridget bumping her shoulder into me periodically.  But for a moment, everything was crystal clear - it was almost like I could feel the space between us as a solid thing.

We went back to the barn, where the horses are spending the night tonight as a storm is forecast.  We witnessed Bridget unlocking the spring-loaded bolt on her door. (Fortunately, it's not the only thing which keeps the door closed.) I hoped she might do it again so I could film it, but she didn't oblige, so here, instead, is my daughter saying goodnight to Bridget and Chloe:

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