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Sunday, April 18, 2010

A Couple of Observations

Sometimes, as I walk beside Bridget, she moves with a little extra impulsion, as if she could spring forward at the slightest touch.  On such occasions I have asked if she'd like to run with me.  But always she has declined.  Bridget is a little horse with her head screwed on and her feet on the ground - not one to go running ahead at the slightest provocation.

But today, while she and I were out alone (Chloe, having decided to stay with George, to whom she had become very attached today during Social Hour), I felt that energy again and started to jog.  Bridget started to jog too, and the two of us ran along together for a few strides, with a feeling of pleasant synchronicity. It felt for a moment that we were together in the same bubble, as Spilker puts it.

When I need her to head back to the barn, I have found it quite useless to direct energy at her in an attempt to get her to move sideways, forwards, or wherever.  It might work once, but then she's wise to it.  What does work, however, is to head out to the end of the length of rope in the direction I want us to go, wait, and look at her.  Then she'll come with me.  It's as if she refuses to be manipulated and will only respond to a direct request.

I am glad that Bridget, as it were, insists that we learn to walk before we run, both literally and metaphorically. Despite her youth and spirit, she is patient and grounded.  Which hopefully makes up in some measure for my inadequacy in both those areas!

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  1. This I've even thought of before; I often feel the energy too, but haven't been able to run together so many times.

    Maybe I overthink the whole action and ruin it, or maybe I just run more like a rhino than a horse and scare them :D

    I am guessing that the feel is the most significant in this action, too. If only I could add that joy and bursting energy to the movement, maybe I'd then be understood :)