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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Peaceful George

Dominance schmominance.  I've taken to giving George everything he asks for.

If he wants treats, he gets them.  He bangs on the gate - I open it.  When he nudges me with his head, I scratch it.

He still seems somewhat inarticulate, or reserved.  If I don't respond by complying when he makes his wishes known, how will he ever have the confidence to learn to speak his mind clearly?

Today when I was turning him out in the pasture, I fed him a pocketful of treats.  Then, rather than going off to join his buddies, he stayed with me, getting me to scratch his neck and chest.  After a while, he tucked me into a cozy corner by his shoulder and became very relaxed.  Standing there, I felt so peaceful, a feeling I have up til now never experienced in the context of George.

Standing inside George's space

I know there's a place for dominance.  One day I'll figure it out.  But for now, the way to George's heart (which is, after all, the part of George I'm interested in) is by another route.


  1. Dominance schmominance :D

    Yep, I haven't figured it out either. Love the photo!

  2. I had to copy this lovely expression dominance schmominance in my blog :D