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Monday, April 5, 2010

What Do You Do With a Bridget?

Our new routine is: I go into the pasture; Bridget and Chloe come over. I put Bridget's halter and leadrope on and invite her to leave the pasture with me. Chloe follows us out. In the barn they check to make sure no one's left any food in their stall. Then we head outside to graze and snoop.

Evening Grazing

Certain questions arise:

1.  What do you do when Bridget is busy eating and doesn't want to move when it's time to go back to her pasture?  Well, I don't like to pull on her head.   So I reprise my energetic polka in the direction of her hindquarters.  If she moves them away from me, chances are she'll continue in a forward direction if I ask her.  Ok, that seems to work.

2.  What do you do when Bridget is ticked off that you're walking down the driveway and you don't agree with her that there's time for more grazing before going home?  And when she emphasizes her disapproval by reaching over and nipping your hand? Answer:  your brain reacts with a whack on her neck before your mind has time to think.  I may be ok with this for now.

3.  What do you do when Chloe wants to go through the gate and Bridget is in the way?  You remember Carolyn Resnick, and you confidently shoo Bridget away.  Twice.  Then you discover that she's a little nervous when you want to approach her - she edges away - you sweet-talk her back into kissing distance and say goodnight.  I think I'm ok with this too.

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