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Friday, April 9, 2010

Four Experiences with Boundary Setting

Bridget - today while scratching Bridget, I received a rather painful, toothy reciprocation. I think I shrieked. For the rest of the day, she confined herself to poking me with her nose, not even using her upper lip.

More Bridget
- Later, I was standing by her tail and Chloe was milling about in the same vicinity. Bridget aimed a half-kick at Chloe, whereupon I reacted with alarm - I think I shouted and waved my arms. Bridget took off to the other side of the paddock and returned, affectionately, a minute later.

George - George was flirting with the mares in the next-door pasture, pawing the ground and kicking the gate. Summoning the spirit of Resnick, I decided it would be better if we established that they were my mares and he couldn't have them. So I ran at him roaring, and off he went, looking something like: "OK, guv, it's a fair cop."

Gus - Gus has a way of moving his brother Skipper wherever he wants by means of carefully placed nips. Today as I was hanging out with them in the pasture, Gus found me in his grazing path. He fixed me with a quizzical look (as only Gus can) and very deliberately and gently opened his mouth and placed his teeth on my arm. A polite question deserves a polite answer, so I just shook my head and said, "Nuh uh, buddy, not a chance." The next time he came up, he grazed around me, giving my feet about a six-inch berth.

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