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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

You Gotta Have Friends

I don't know if Skipper is a Friend, but he's definitely a friend.  He's just so reassuring. Since I noticed the other day how very benevolent he is, he now seems to positively radiate a halo of beneficence.  I wonder if this is what Hempfling means about having the "key to the house."

Today I spent time "sharing space" with Gus and Skipper.  After my conversation with George yesterday about who's boss, I thought it might be instructive to see what Gus thinks on the subject - which was perhaps a mistake, because the other day he politely asked me if he was the boss, and I politely said no.  So come to think of it, and I'm thinking of it now as I write with a similar kind of embarrassment as if recalling a gaffe committed at a social gathering -- it was perhaps very rude of me indeed to bring it up again.

So - committing the mistake of acting by rote, or because I "read" that I should do this - I asked Gus occasionally to move for me.  Which he did.  But I think he was quite offended and pointedly ignored me for the whole time, except for coming up to graze close to my feet a couple of times. And just because George really seems to need a leader, doesn't mean Gus wants one.  I really think he wants an egalitarian relationship.

Skipper kept looking at me, inviting me to come over.  He seems to say, "You and me, we don't care who's boss, do we?  We don't need to worry about all that stuff.  We're just feelin' the love." Omigosh, he's so nice, and what a relief to not have to go through all the thought processes, trying to gauge how to interpret and react to things.  I mean, not like I'm just oblivious to him, but it's like being with ... a friend, who isn't going to judge you too harshly when you say something stupid.

And speaking of friends, tomorrow I have to go and apologize to Gus. 

Here's Skipper.  What Hempfling type might he be?

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