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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Too Darn Hot

Today at the barn, the atmosphere was different.  It was very muggy. The horses had been cooped up for hours during a tornado watch and were eager to get out and eat.  I took Chloe and Bridget for a grazing walk - they were very focused on eating, and Chloe didn't even notice when Bridget and I had gone back to the pasture.  She came to, and ran up to the fence whinnying until I reappeared and suggested she follow me back. George was off at the far end of his pasture, head down.

I think when I come to the barn, I'm often thinking about the last time I was there - perhaps thinking of trying to recreate the mood, or continue something we were doing.  It can take me a while to adjust to the new mood of the day.  Obviously the horses remember the past - an awareness manifested by fear or trust or anticipation - but they are always already slotted into the new day.

Here's the tractor barn.  I like images of portals.

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